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The Timeline is vague at the moment. However, some things to note:

- Gangrel never left the Camarilla; Assamites still blood cursed.

- Week of Nightmares has not (yet?) occurred.

- New Promise Mandarate was never agreed upon, thus ensuring the survival of the Anarch Free State (excluding Sol City).

1895 – Charter of the City is written by a powerful Kindred known as Miguel Ledezma. The city has a tumultuous start, thanks to a powerful earthquake that levels over half of its structures.

1944 – Second Anarch Revolt. Sol City becomes part of the Anarch Free State.

1998-1999 – Anarch and Cathayan (Kue-jin) animosity reaches a boiling point. Fighting spills out into the streets, though the Masquerade is tentatively held; the majority of the battles are fought by kine and ghouls in either side’s employ. The media blames the violence on two rival gangs – the “Crimson Fangs” and the “Phantoms.”

2000 – The Camarilla seeps into California, taking advantage of the chaos wrought by the Anarchs and the Cathayans. Their mission is two-fold: to reclaim the state from the Anarchs, and to force the Cathayan out.

2001 – Sol City is placed under Camarilla Law, and the Anarch Free State loses one of its biggest cities. Appointed as Prince is Cassandra Winters.

2003 – A red star appears in the night sky, though it’s invisible to the naked eye; some kindred mark this as the harbinger of the Final Nights. Story begins…


  • August: The Toreador Primogen, Maxwell Bryne, is murdered inside the Music Hall. After a fire sets a portion of the building ablaze, the surviving Kindred inside are rounded up by Sheriff Marik and brought before the Prince. Forced into the Prince’s servitude, the Kindred form a coterie to solve the mystery of Bryne’s death.

In the following few days, the coterie find irrefutable evidence that the culprit is a Ravnos Elder.

Main Page

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