Rachel Roux

Sol's new Toreador primogen


Name: Rachel Roux
Title: Toreador Primogen of Sol City (new arrival)
Clan: Toreador
Embraced: 26 years old (1893)
Generation: Unknown



Rachel Roux is beautiful, no doubt about it. She has the sort of effortless beauty that ensures mortals will always flock to her, even if she wouldn’t have any vampiric disciplines to complement her appearance. She is extremely thin and somewhat short, making her appear extremely fragile to those who don’t know any better.


Born in the outskirts of Toulouse around 1870, Rachel Roux was the fourth daughter of a peasant couple who barely managed to make a living by the time they had her. Her father died before she reached adulthood, putting her family’s financial situation into greater disarray. Rachel left her family sometime before turning twenty.

Unable to do anything else for a living, she turned to prostitution, moving from city to city in southern France. She ended up in Arles in 1887. Only a few other vampires know her story, but her stay in the city later overlapped with that of Van Gogh. She unwittingly became an object of adoration and dispute by the unstable artist and Gauguin, when the latter visited his friend and fellow painter in Arles. The rivalry reached its peak in December 1888. The chain of events that led the Dutch painter to sever his ear and present it to the whore as a gift remains unclear, but the incident is otherwise well-documented. She fainted upon unwrapping the artist’s “gift”; this much is entirely true.

The incident changed the young woman. News of the artist’s death just two years later were shocking, if not entirely unanticipated. It was about that time that Rachel decided to abandon prostitution once and for all. She had few friends, and almost no relatives who knew where she was or what she was doing. Almost nobody knows what she did for the next three years of her life, although she supposedly moved to Paris. Whatever the case, Rachel was embraced by a Toreador ancilla just three years later.

More is known about her recent whereabouts and interests. She spent the last couple of decades in San Fransisco, where she was a respected, if often distant, senior ancilla. Her talents lie in making copies of the great impressionist masters-copies that appear original to all but the most experienced and observant of art collectors. She had managed to carve a small niche for herself in the city, achieving enviable wealth and prestige while also collecting originals for herself. She also has at least half a dozen other hobbies that she has acquired and nurtured throughout the decades-languages, academics, dancing and even fencing-although she quickly grows bored of one interest or the other, meaning that such skills often fall out of practice. Her two enduring passions are painting and nurturing the talent of impassioned, but impoverished and half-mad aspiring artists, who remind her of the Dutch painter. Such arrangements sometimes work, and sometimes don’t, but Rachel supports a small court of such starving artists.

Rachel Roux

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