Mark Thompson

Sol's Ventrue primogen


Name: Mark Thompson
Title: Ventrue Primogen / Founder and CEO of Thompson Technologies Corp.
Clan: Ventrue
Embraced: 35 to 50 years old (unknown)
Generation: Unknown


Appearance: Mark is a serious figure that emanates power. Although his physical appearance is unremarkable, he is always well-groomed and wears minimalist yet elegant suits that add to his veneer of authority. He is typically seen wearing glasses, not because of necessity, but because he believes they enhance his commanding, no-nonsense appearance. He speaks with a stern voice, and only the most perceptive listeners can identify a hint of Southern accent to it. His associates believe he never smiles.

Background: Mark Thompson traces his lineage back to a family of British settlers who were amongst the first to land in the continent. By the time Mark was born (sometime between 1830 and 1850) his family owned many tobacco plantations and slaves in South Carolina and held considerable influence. History records that the Thompsons were strong supporters of secession and openly advocated confrontation with the United States.

It is believed that, as a mortal, Mark fought for the confederates, although the details of his service are unclear or founded on pure speculation. Whatever the case, he must have been embraced near the end of the war or a few years after the South’s defeat. In the aftermath of the defeat, his family lost several of its members, most of its property, and all of its slaves. Mark must have kept his head down, because vampiric lore rarely mentions his name for the next century, and even when it does, it does so in passing.

Mark gained prominence in the late sixties, when he founded a company that focused on providing superior products and services to its own members. Residing in Atlanta, the company was named after its founder-Thompson Products and Services-and expanded rapidly, driving competitors out of business with remarkable speed.

As his business accumulated wealth, its owner’s power and influence increased. Mark was first promoted to Harpy, and became the Ventrue Primogen of Atlanta soon after that. To accommodate for increasing allies and his own ever-growing ambition, he restructured his company as a corporation, using the fresh cash from new share holders (mortals and vampires alike) to support its growth. Now renamed to Thompson Technologies Corp., the organization also expanded its niche, putting rivals out of business with suspicious ease.

In the late eighties, Mark’s rising star was shining brighter than ever. As a result, many ancillae started believing that the Ventrue was first in line for becoming Prince. Mark tried hard to dismiss the rumors, as he patiently waited, letting time work in his favor. When a conspiracy to murder the Prince was uncovered in 2002, Mark was one of the prime suspects. The conspirators were all executed, but there simply wasn’t enough evidence to prove Mark’s involvement. Still, Mark was deemed dangerous to the status quo. Ever fearful of his ambition, the Prince of Atlanta exiled him to California, where the Camarilla was re-establishing control in the war-ravaged city of Sol.

By 2003, Mark managed to finalize the transfer of his company’s HQ to Sol city. Today, Thompson Technologies Corp. still produces electronics and provides technical support to members, who act as intermediate (but independent) business owners. Their job is to attract more members, and increase their own profits while doing so. While this model has been criticized for resembling a pyramid scheme, the corporation has been very successful in defending its practices in court. In addition, Thompson Technologies has been setting up connections and collaborations with the local military, carrying out research and starting to construct prototypes for the navy situated in Sol.

Clan weakness: Drinks only from the unworthy-bums, losers, those who, in his words, have “failed to make something of themselves”. He might routinely drain them, especially if he has a low Humanity score.

Mark Thompson

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