Maria Nogueria

Sol's Gangrel primogen


Name: Maria Nogueira
Title: Primogen of Sol City (Gangrel)
Clan: Gangrel
Embraced: 17
Generation: 9th


Appearance: Maria has the appearance of a new-age hippy. Her long black hair is braided into dreadlocks, held together by a thick sheet of cloth, and her clothes are generally worn and torn. Her skin tone is a pale mocha, and while she’s not particularly striking, she has an “exotic” look to her. She stands roughly 5’4.

Her frequent frenzies have brought her dangerously close to the Beast; she has a slender tail, large feet with opposable toes, and a thick layer of hair from her kneecaps to her ankles, as well as from her wrists to her shoulders. All these features bear a striking resemblance to those of a monkey.

Background: Born in Brazil in the 1770s, Maria Nogueria was the result of a love shared between a slave and a plantation owner’s daughter. Their union was short lived, however; her father was promptly hanged and her mother was driven to suicide shortly thereafter (though Maria herself believes she was murdered). Her grandfather took it upon himself to rid the world of Maria, whom he felt was born of sin, but he could not bring himself to end the infant’s life.

This was the only mercy he ever gave to Maria. From that point on, for as long as Maria can remember, her life was a living Hell.

At 11 years old Maria set out for the city, never looking back. She became a street urchin and joined a small gang of like-minded children and teenagers called the Pequenos Rebeldes (little rebels).

She spent the rest of her adolescence, as well as her early teenage years, with the gang. Eventually the group grew from petty robberies to extortion, kidnappings, and even murders. Maria was distraught with the drastic shift in focus within the gang; she left at age 16, and almost every remaining member found themselves incarcerated or dead.

Around this time the Inconfidência Mineira was in the process of being conceived. Maria, through word on the street, found herself agreeing wholeheartedly with their philosophies; she had been treated as being worthless for the majority of her life, so perhaps independence from Portugal would allow her the freedom and happy, normal life she so desperately craved.

Unfortunately the movement was stomped before it could even come to fruition. Maria was accused of being a co-conspiriator; whether or not the predominately upper-class, white male-led movement would have ever accepted her to begin with was suspect, but the authorities weren’t taking any chances.
Maria had little choice. She fled to the only safe haven she could think of – the jungles of Brazil. Here she fended for himself for nearly a week, before finally succumbing to malnourishment.

Maria was about to close her eyes, to give up and rest for eternity, when a large man padded out from some dense underbrush. He challenged her immediately, calling her weak-willed and a coward for giving up so easily.

His words spurned Maria into action. She stood upright and balled her fists. “I won’t die, I won’t.” She said, and the man merely smiled.

“We shall see.”

The man guided her secretly, helping Maria survive in the jungles for another three months. It was then that he offered her a gift: the gift of immortality.
She accepted without hesitation.

In modern nights, Maria and her clan mates spend most of their time in the Landcleave National Forest, fending off the occasional lupine attack. She has been a staunch supporter of the Anarch Free State, but recent happenings have caused her to ally with the Camarilla.

She now finds herself on the Primogen Council, and often must leave the comfort of the forest to play politics with the Ivory Tower.

Maria Nogueria

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