Harmut Uradel the Third

Sol's Malkavian primogen


Name: I am Harmut Uradel the Third – pleasure to make your acquaintance
Title: Oh, but there are so many. I suppose “Sol City Primogen” will have to do for now
Clan: Malkavian
Embraced: 11 years of age; so young, so innocent
Generation: 8th


Appearance: I am just short of five feet tall, which would classify me as a “little person.” I have messy, tangled black hair that is in dire need of a trim, and I have brilliant light blue eyes that make the women swoon.

Or rather, they would swoon, if I wasn’t trapped in the damnable body of a child!

I also have an inclination towards well-tailored suits, though I find them difficult to come by given my appearance. Most kine are hesitant to sell suits worth thousands of dollars to a child, but there are ways around that.


Well, let’s start with my family. My surname, Uradel, comes from my great grandfather, who thought it would be smart to adopt the name after overhearing it at a local Gasthaus. Whether or not it was an honest mistake (it would be akin to changing one’s name to James Royalty in English), or an act of extreme presumptuousness on my great grandfather’s part… well, I cannot say.

In any event, my family was far from royalty. We were far from being even remotely regal, as a matter of fact. We were peasants, more or less, struggling to get by on a day to day basis.

Until I came along, that is.

From the moment I was born my mother said I was… different. My brothers and sisters came out wailing and gasping for breath; I emerged from the womb calmly and with an expression of what my mother only described as “understanding.” At a month old, I uttered my first word. At one, I was forming complete sentences.

I taught myself how to play the piano at 4; I became fluent in both German and English by six. By then my parents were showcasing me across Germany. The money piled up – I was to be the next Mozart, you see – and for once my family was wealthy.

Oh, I could go on, but what’s the use? That marvelous child died over a century ago, and now he exists in an undead form, his true potential never reached.

Which brings me to my sire. Indeed, my feelings towards him are mixed. I hate him for giving me this curse of undeath, yet I cannot help but be grateful for all he has done. You see, my life was little more than slavery; constant concertos across the globe, never once given the opportunity to enjoy my childhood. Wolfgang (my sire, who coincidentally shared the name first name as the man I was often compared to) saw to it that I was freed from these chains.

We spent the next decade scouring the countryside, searching for a man he occasionally referred to as “Anatole.” The voices drove my sire to this man, and my sire was intent on finding him. The fruit of his labor, he claimed, would be an understanding of God’s plan for Kindred.

However, we never found the man my sire so desperately sought. Instead, my sire was driven to a maddening frenzy when he received a vision. I distanced myself from him at this point, and he went on to become the serial killer known only as “The Grinner;” his tendency to give a maddening grin while torturing his subjects earned him this nickname, after one kine managed to escape and recall his story to the police.

Well, the Camarilla say that he was put down promptly for endangering the Masquerade. I felt sympathy for my sire, and I often wonder if I could have possibly helped him before he met his end.

To honor his memory, I continued the search for Anatole. By now the man had become well-known in Kindred society. However, his sermons had become much different; now he only spoke of Gehenna, and of the end of all Kindred.

I tracked him down to Sol City in 1999; far too late, I’m afraid. Stories vary, but most agree the one known as Anatole no longer exists, having met his Final Death at the hands of an Elder, a powerful Cathayan, or at his very own hands: sitting to watch the sunrise, after giving up all hope for our kind.

I had little purpose now, so I decided to stay. When the Camarilla took over a few years later, I was raised to Primogen.

Well… that’s about it. I guess all we can do now is watch and wait to see what happens next.

Harmut Uradel the Third

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