Sol's Nosferatu primogen


Name: Eliza
Title: Primogen of Sol City (Nosferatu)
Clan: Nosferatu
Embraced: 22
Generation: Unknown



Though beautiful in life, Eliza has become a somewhat disturbing figure after her Embrace. Her skin is flaky and ashen, to such an extent that it looks like her flesh is in a constant state of peeling. Her face looks somewhere between a bare skull and a withering corpse, and her ears bear the slight curve so common to the Nosferatu.

Her eyes are still the beautiful hazel they were in life; she’s nearly always seen with smeared coal around them, which she sarcastically claims is “makeup” to “accent her most beautiful features.”


Born Eliza Lambros in Larrisa, Greece, in 1803. As a child she was fascinated by puzzles, numbers, and figuring out how things worked; she was brilliant in every sense of the word. Her parents shrugged this off as childhood curiosity, never once realizing the girl’s potential.

As an adolescent, Eliza was ridiculed time and time again for not being very feminine. She refused to play the part of a “moronic Jane Austin character,” however, though this did not concern her family immediately.

Only when she reached her mid-teens, after spurning handfuls of potential suitors, did her parents begin to fret. Their daughter – now a woman, in their eyes, and a beautiful one at that – spent more time challenging herself with math equations and riddles than socializing with men. In fact, it seemed that her only social activity was chess, a game that she perfected so well that she confidentially challenged any to best her – and if a man were able to do so, that they would win her heart.

No one ever came close.

At twenty-two Eliza was told that the time for games was over; that her parents had found her a perfect suitor, and that she had no choice in the matter. Furious, she ran away from home.

Here is where she met her sire, a female Nosferatu taking guise of an attractive male hoping to help a damsel in distress. Eliza scoffed, and then wrinkled her nose in disgust when the Nosferatu offered to aid her. Though none can say for certain what her soon-to-be sire thought at that moment, Eliza believes that – for once in her life – the Nosferatu was shocked to be seen as disgusting even when hidden behind a mask of illusion.

This, Eliza believes, infuriated the Nosferatu, and she took it upon herself to sire Eliza. By doing so she hoped to create another Cleopatra – a beautiful kine turned hideous Nosferatu, much like herself – but again she was surprised with the response. Eliza cared little for her appearance; she actually laughed the first time she looked in the mirror.

She and her sire became steadfast companions after that, though most are unaware of the fate (or even the identity) of the latter in present times.

In the 20th century Eliza became an integral part of the Nosferatu community, and in the years prior she had dropped her last name (claiming it was a burden and a constant reminder of her pitiful, pathetic family). She eventually relocated to the United States. Here she further expanded on her love for problem solving and numbers by developing the computer program known as ELIZA, though Kine to this day take credit.

As the years progressed she became an even more talented computer programmer. In fact, it’s said that she helped Uncle Smelly create the infamous ShreckNet Nosferatu network.

Perhaps her most brilliant creation – or most potentially dangerous depending on who you ask – was a program created in the late 90s as an addition to ShreckNet. A sort of “search engine” exclusive to ShreckNet, the program is arguably even more mysterious than the computer network it uses.

Eliza herself is baffled when trying to explain the mysterious program; she often says it’s something that “spiraled out of her control” shortly after she made it. What she means by this, no one can be sure; she’s never explained her statements, and she seems very hesitant to open up when discussing the subject.

The past fifty years have seen Eliza living in Sol, deep within the city’s sewers. While Lord Talon prances about playing a pitiful mockery of royalty, it’s no secret that Eliza runs the daily business of the Nosferatu from behind the scenes.

Talon’s exile has seen Eliza raised to the Primogen Council, though she does so begrudgingly.


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