Daniella Abrantes

De-Facto Anarch Leader


Name: Daniella Abrantes
Title: Leader of the Anarchs
Clan: Brujah
Embraced: 21
Generation: 10th


Appearance: Daniella has dark black hair that she keeps cut short in a “pixie” fashion, and she has alabaster skin. Her eyes are dark brown, almost black, and she seems rather attractive in a tomboyish sort of way. Usually seen wearing street clothes; leather jackets, tang-tops, jeans, and steel-toed boots.


Daniella is descended from the prestigious Ledezma family; her great-grandfather was the founder of Sol City, Miguel Ledezma. As such, Daniella spent the majority of her life in luxury – but sheltered from the outside world. In the rare instances that saw her outside her gated community in the Seaside District, she was always shadowed by body guards.

This lack of freedom made Daniella envious of the working class children and she’d often try to run away from home. All of her attempts ended in failure.

As she grew older, Daniella began to notice something strange. Unlike many wealthy families, hers was relatively unknown; she wasn’t a celebrity, and those passing her on the street wouldn’t offer her a second glance. Why, then, the need for all the bodyguards? Who were they protecting her from, if nobody really knew who she was?

Stranger still, she was never allowed outside of the family home (and later, her own mansion) when the sun went down. As a child, she was told that monsters would snatch her up if she stayed out past sunset. When she was old enough to ignore such preposterous claims, she found the rule to be a strange one indeed.

Finally, fed up with the strange and superstitious nature of her family, Daniella hatched a plan.

The year was 1977, and Daniella was 21 at the time. She owned a small boutique in the Business District, and she seemed to be doing well on her own. She still felt like a prisoner – the “security guards” posted at the boutique were actually body guards – so one night, she decided to sneak back into her building after dark. If anything, it was a snub to her parents for treating her like a prisoner even as an adult.

She managed to sneak out of her mansion and unlock the door to her boutique. Nothing was amiss, so she locked the door back up and turned on a nearby lamp. There she settled down to read, exhilarated with the sudden sense of freedom.

Her contentment was short lived, however. Within twenty minutes the door had been smashed open, and Daniella had been dragged from the room. She was kidnapped and held for ransom; what she failed to realize was that the kidnappers were Kindred, and that the ransom was political power (with a good sum of cash on the side).

An exchange was negotiated; when it happened, in December of ’77, something went awry. One Kindred met his final, and three kine were dead or dying – one of whom was Daniella. For whatever reason, the Baron of Sol City, Tara – who was at the exchange – immediately embraced Daniella.

Daniella’s been Tara’s right hand in the Anarchs organization ever since. Her family’s political influence has waned significantly since that time, and at present (post Gang Wars) is practically non-existent.

After Tara’s disappearance following the Gang Wars, Daniella has taken up the reigns of leadership for the Anarchs.

Daniella Abrantes

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