Dagmund Boldman

Sol's Tremere primogen


Name: Dagmund ‘Dag’ Boldman
Title: Regent of the Sol City Chantry; Tremere Primogen
Clan: Tremere
Embraced: 28 years old
Generation: 10th


Appearance: Dag looks like a scholar of some sort; his silky blonde hair is often tied at the back in a ponytail, and he sports a pair of spectacles that often settle on the bridge of his nose. His skin is smooth and he has no facial hair to speak of.


Dagmund Boldman (formerly Dagmund Boldemann) was born in the summer of 1913 in Oslo, Norway; his Jewish mother was a farmer’s daughter and his father was reported to be a deserter of the Imperial German Army.

Dag – by his own account – had a good childhood, thanks in no small part to his family’s wealth. Rumor has it that his father stole a good sum of money before abandoning the army during the First World War, so the Boldemanns maintained a large mansion on the outskirts of the city.

Dag spent the majority of his time here, in the family study, pouring over any writings he could find. He was most interested in matters of the occult; several instances involved the Boldemanns attempting to scare Dag away from these particular books, but it only seemed to strengthen the boy’s resolve.

By the time he was in his mid-twenties, the German army crept into Oslo and occupied it. What followed would change Dag’s outlook, and life, forever.
According to Dag, his own father presented his wife to the conquering German army – soldiers from the same country that he fled just years before. His mother was promptly sent to a work camp, and Dag never heard from her again.

His father, not realizing the extent of the Nuremberg laws, was also promptly sent away.

Dag brooded from the crowd, watching as his parents were sent to their inevitable demise. He hatched a plan to seek revenge on the soldiers — but his plan was thwarted a day later, and he too was sent to a work camp.

In the shack he now called home, Dag came across a British POW who seemed to be withering away. “Just need… some of your blood,” the soldier asked. Dagmund, rather than hesitate, promptly slit his palm and allowed the blood to drip into the man’s mouth.

What caused Dagmund to do this, no one is sure — not even his sire. Perhaps it was morbid curiosity. Whatever the case, this whipped his sire into a frenzy, and the man fell upon Dagmund and drained him dry.

Realizing what he had done, and feeling a tinge of guilt after Dagmund’s lack of reservation when offering his own blood, the sire granted Dagmund the Embrace.

The two eventually escaped to America, where his Dagmund’s sire — Allistair Jones — became Archon of clan Tremere’s Justicar (after Anastaz di Zagreb’s demise at the hands of a group of magi), a position he holds to this day.

Dagmund eventually rose in the ranks enough to become a Regent. He settled in Sol City in 1993, and he quickly established his Chantry there.

Concerning Dagmund’s Chantry:

Unlike most Chantries, Sol City does away with most of what Dagmund considers to be “dated practices.” This includes, but is not limited to, the removal of the chantry dress code: apprentices and seasoned warlocks alike are allowed to ditch the ceremonial robes for garments of their choosing.

In addition, though the conservative body of the Tremere find Technomancy to be an abomination, Dag has embraced it in his chantry. This is proven in the admittance of Jacob Calloway, who Dag has become somewhat of a mentor to.

Dagmund Boldman

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