City of the Sun

Chapter One

Harmut's Second Report

LogoClanMalkavian1.png Harmut’s Second Report

I sit on my bed and gaze out across the floor, an endless sea of blood.

The sea recedes; thousands of voices scream out in agony, until the sea is but a small stream.

A man, short of stature and chiseled of jaw, stands in the ankle-deep blood. His expression is one of indifference.

And the Prophet asks: “Do you not see?”

Saturday, August 23rd, 2003:

I have enclosed a page of a vision I experienced during my stay in Prince Winters’ haven. The Prophet has returned; I cannot say for sure who he is, which is why I must pose some questions to whoever this message is intended for.

First, is it true that the so-called Mad Prophet Anatole perished at the turn of the century? Or does he simply rest in torpor? I immediately assumed The Prophet (for this is what he calls himself) was Anatole, or some part of Anatole guiding a fellow Malkavian. But without sufficient proof of the man’s demise I cannot be certain it is him.

If this is intended for the Inner Circle, as is my guess, then I request that my visions be brought to the attention of Mistress Streck. Perhaps she will have the answers.

In any event, my night started early. I took it upon myself to drink my fill of chilled blood before leaving, ensuring that my hunger would be sated for the night. I figured the most likely place the coterie would head would be Talon’s haven, Remembrance Graveyard. I took a taxi cab there before the coterie had left the mansion, and at present they have yet to come in contact with me. All for the better, don’t you think?

The taxi driver was a fool… a kine, perceiving me as something I am not. It took some convincing to get him to drive me to where I wanted to go – a gun to the head, some sweet whispers of insanity – but eventually I did reach my destination. I slunk into the shadows as the cab driver sped away, and waited… waited… waited…

Until finally Marik’s ghoul and the coterie showed up. Oh, what a delight it was to finally see them in person! Seven-foot tall Sidra, a real monster hidden beneath mortal clothes. Cat and Rebecca, vibrant and full of life, and ones easily mistaken for mortals. Grigori, regal and proper in his bearing. And Jacob… ha… Jacob… looking all the part of “computer expert.”

The following is based on my own observations and second-hand information.

  • The coterie enter Talon’s domain and are given two separate tasks by his gatekeeper, Lemmy Bastone (better known as “Lumpy Bastard.”) First is to scare off a couple of gangbangers who are tagging up the graveyard during the day; second is to retrieve a package from one of Talon’s ghouls. Jacob, Becca and Cat take the first task. Sidra, Grigori and Marik’s ghoul Kevin go for the second.
  • SWAT team responds to a shooting at where Jacob, Becca and Cat were directed. Details unknown – local news reported a gang shooting, an old rivalry from the gang wars. Masquerade maintained.
  • Jacob, Becca and Cat return to the graveyard. They disappear in Lemmy’s shack. Lemmy emerges shortly after, in a bit of haste.
  • [Secondhand information] Sidra, Grigori and Kevin arrive at Talon’s ghoul’s home. A woman, recognized as //Daniella Abrantes *// by Kevin, escapes by jumping out the second story window. Inside they find a scene of carnage. Multiple corpses, including a fledgling Nosferatu (not yet old enough to perish in a heap of ash). Only survivor of the massacre: //Frederick Beauregard//, Talon’s ghoul.
  • [Secondhand information] On the drive back, the SUV nearly strikes a fleeing woman. Unknown assailant begins feeding on her, prompting Sidra to leave the safety of the car and attempt to come to the woman’s aid. Grigori implores her to return to the SUV, but it is too late; she is ambushed by the assailant’s comrades (presumably), which are believed to be a Lasombra and a war ghoul. The latter very nearly wrecks the SUV. Grigori is eventually dropped back off at the scene of the crime, where he incapacitates the one remaining (Sabbat?) who stayed behind.
  • Kevin returns with an injured man and a broken down SUV. No Gregory or Sidra to be found. Injured man, presumably Beauregard, heads into Talon’s home.
  • Grigori returns some time later. Claims to have gotten the original (Sabbat?) assailant and wishes to use as a bargaining chip for Sidra’s return. Talon and the rest of the coterie emerge from his underground haven. Nosferatu (friend of Cat’s?) offers his car for the coterie to retrieve the incapacitated (Sabbat?). Talon, Kevin and an associate of Kevin leave in a separate vehicle, headed for the Prince’s haven.



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