This is the wiki for a Play by Post (PbP) chronicle in the World of Darkness setting – specifically V:TM. Rules follow the 20th anniversary edition, and the setting is somewhat homebrew. The core of the game takes place in the city of Sol, a metropolis based very loosely on San Diego (which doesn’t exist in the setting).


Despite its name, Sol City hosts a large population of Kindred. The metropolis was recently the site of a full-scale gang war between the “Crimson Fangs” and the “Phantoms.” Even a fledgling can see through that little Masquerade cover up, though; the “war” itself was actually orchestrated by Anarchs and Cathayan (Kue-jinn), respectively. Though some of the city was destroyed in the battles, reconstruction efforts have already begun, and the city seems to be returning to its former glory.

The sun blankets the city nearly all year, and kine go about their business, completely unaware of the monsters sleeping all around them. By night, the city is a stark contrast. Buildings that once glowed in the sunlight now seem more ominous, people are more detached, and darkness looms around every corner.

Worse still, Kindred speak more frequently of the Final Nights. Is Gehenna finally happening? Only time will tell…

City of the Sun