Godwin Talbot

Prince of Sol City


Name: Godwin Talbot
Title: Red Alastor; Temporary Prince
Clan: Toreador
Embraced: Unknown
Generation: Unknown

Appearance: A handsome young Englishman with windswept, dirty-blonde hair and green eyes flecked with gold. Has alabaster skin, strong features, and a perpetual look of exhaustion, as though he hasn’t slept in weeks.

Background: Pre-Embrace / Prior to 20th Century Redacted.

Prince of Washington, D.C., from 1935-1950. Thwarted Sabbat Siege in 1949; not only promised to defend and maintain the city, but swore to personally execute the mastermind behind it. Took the oath of an Alastor to further prove his resolve, as the alleged mastermind was REDACTED, a Red Listed Anathema.

He succeeded in this endeavor. Blood left by the ashen corpse belonged to REDACTED (as proven by a ritual performed by a Tremere), and cross-examination through a Kiasyd interrogator showed that he did, in fact, destroy the Anathema.

Raised to the position of Red Alastor, and thus left the city in the care of his Seneschal.

Recently called to Sol City after the Ravnos murder of his clan-mate; initial purpose was to discern whether or not the Ravnos was worthy of being Red Listed, and to destroy him if so. Upon arrival, however, the upper echelon of the Camarilla has decided to make him the de-facto Prince of the city until further notice.

Undoubtedly this is due to his past – running a city as Prince while simultaneously hunting and destroying an Anathema – so Godwin finds himself in a position of trying to make the seemingly impossible happen a second time.


Godwin Talbot

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