Cassandra Winters

Seneschal of Sol City


Name: Cassandra Winters
Title: Prince of Sol City
Clan: Gangrel
Embraced: 19 years old
Generation: Unknown (possibly 8th or 9th) – roughly 250 years old

Appearance: Cassandra’s appearance screams Toreador. Delicate features, smooth skin, silky blonde hair and a beautiful face masks her true nature. Only her yellow, cat-like eyes show any traces of her Gangrel heritage.

She looks no older than twenty.

Background: Born sometime in the mid-18th century to a family of poor English farmers, Cassandra Winters always dreamed of becoming royalty. By the age of sixteen she’d run away to the city, in hopes of capturing some nobleman’s heart. Her plan never succeeded. Within a year she was barely supporting herself, acting in small play productions whenever she could.

Her embrace came at the teeth of a vagrant Gangrel. Wandering home one night, she was accosted by what she believed to be a homeless man. Stories from here vary (as Winters has never spoken about her past beyond this point). Some say she spent the next century in the wild, under her sire’s guidance, until finally branching out on her own. Others say her sire was betrayed and killed, and that Cassandra performed diablerie on him.

Whatever the case, she resurfaced in America in the early 1900s, often times associating with Toredors. Her rise to power was swift, and now she boasts the title of Prince of Sol City. Kindred “in the know” believe Cassandra is a placeholder for an even more powerful vampire, but none can say for certain.


Cassandra Winters

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